Mentor Pilot

This service provides one of the most comprehensive services to users, which we will review together:
1- An expert will be exclusively available to you for 8 sessions over a 3-month period to provide you with professional training on topics related to forex markets, digital currencies, and technical analysis, and to support you.
2- Full training on fundamental and capital management topics, as well as trading psychology, by Ai pilot specialists.
3- Step-by-step training in the basics of trading, including creating an account on the broker, creating an account on TradingView, and learning to work with MetaTrader and TradingView.
4- Comprehensive training on creating NFTs and listing them on the market for sale, along with techniques for selling more NFTs.
5- Comprehensive training in the field of Metaverse and its impact on various sectors, along with an introduction to the best Metaverse platforms for activity.
6- Working with various wallets and centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Also, the following services are available to Mentor Pilot subscribers:
✅ Users who complete the 3-month training period are ready to operate in financial markets. If interested, these users are tested, and if their performance is suitable, Ai pilot invests in them, attracting talented traders. Of course, users who have been trained by our specialists can perform better in this area.
✅ Six months of free membership in Room pilot and access to the services of this section, including introducing valuable NFTs, participating in the Metaverse, providing daily analysis of a currency from stock, forex, and crypto markets, presenting trading signals, fundamental analysis, introducing valuable airdrops, and covering important news.
✅ Users are also given a 6-month free subscription to practical indicators Fusion and Quantum. These indicators are the product of years of experience and artificial intelligence expertise of company specialists.

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