Wall Street EA

We claim that Wall Street EA  is by far the best and the most reliable Asian session scalper on the market. It’s predecessor was probably the very first commercially available Asian session scalper, developed by us for the Japanese market back in the distant 2007 and becoming a legend. Due to its undisputed success it was widely copied from EA developers all over the world. Despite of this, no one has succeeded to beat the original, which was continuously improved over the last decade. Wall Street EA scalp the market using the calm market conditions following the closing of the NY trading session. The trading logic is completely different from WallStreet Robot and the two robots complement each other very well.


Wall street EA Features

  • DAYS IN LIVE : 540 DAY 
  • ALL TIME PROFIT : 1260 %
  • MONTHLY PROFIT : 10% to 40%
  • 100 % AUTOMATIC
  • Customizable News Filter
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management
  • Max drawdown limit 9%

Does it have any guarantee?

        Absolutely! Our goal is transparency with our high quality Forex trading tools.

  • Follow the given Settings for the EA.
  • If in 14 days it makes weekly profit that means EA is working well.
  • If it’s not profitable in 14 days, send us an Email and apply for a 100% refund 


Installation is simple and explained in a short video, once the installation is done the rest is fully automatic as the EA is smart and opens and closes trades in profit automatically.

No expertise is required to install and use this Forex trading EA because we have shown a step by step guide on how to use and setup the EA in a video which is on the product page of MAJOR EA.

Our EA’s have inner indicators which analyze the different aspects of the market and places trades based on them, all trades are based on market evaluation. 

Our Forex trading EA come with given settings which have been tested and provide proven results therefore if the EA is not profitable after correct installation you may request for a  REFUND.

Each of our Forex Trading EA come with their own drawdown limit however we also recommend all our clients to set their own Risk Management.

Once you setup it up the first time, the rest will be fully automatic and you don’t need to change or check anything. The EA will open and close trades in profit automatically

By following the recommended lot size you can expect profits ranging from 10% to 40%.


3 Months, 6 Months, Life Time

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