Room Pilot

Room pilot is a service available on both Discord and Telegram platforms that provides the following services to users:

  • Market analysis and introduction to valuable NFTs:

In this section, users can obtain free NFTs that are introduced, or they can buy NFTs with high growth potential and investment value at very reasonable prices. In addition, the overall status of the NFT market is periodically reviewed, and necessary training is provided to users.

  • Activity in Metaverse:

The AI pilot team selects MetaVerse projects that are susceptible to growth and investment value by reviewing MetaVerse projects and offers them to its users. These suggestions include: introducing MetaVerse lands, important items in the MetaVerse world, or even participating in a free festival and earning prizes.

  • Daily analysis of a stock from stock markets, forex, and crypto:

At the beginning of the trading day, a symbol is analyzed for its long-term price with the opinion of users, and these analyses are continuously updated. These analysis models are more educational.

  • Provision of trading signals:

In this section, users are given very valuable signals from forex and crypto markets. The details of these signals include: entry point, stop loss, and take profit. It should be noted that during the open trading period, continuous updates are given on the current trading conditions.

  • Fundamental analysis:

At the beginning of the trading day, important economic events of that day are reviewed, and at the end of the week, the impact of past week’s news and upcoming news on the following week is reviewed separately. Also, we analyze some important news exclusively, which has an educational aspect.

  • Introduction to valuable Airdrops:

The AI pilot technical team identifies important projects that are conducting airdrops by closely monitoring the market and recommends them to users.

  • Coverage of important news:

This section includes important global news, economic news, and other news that may have an impact on the markets.