Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a division and Altcoin version of the successful Bitcoin currency. Bitcoin Cash is the result of the hard fork in blockchain technology. One change of the biggest significance regarding Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is the coin size.
In the BCH/USDT pair, maintaining stability around $412 could signal a potential move towards $1600 in the weekly timeframe following the halving.
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However, caution is advised post-halving, as many miners may transition to BCH for enhanced profitability, potentially influencing price movements. As with any other cryptocurrency, it is hard to say whether Bitcoin Cash will be a good investment or not.

BCH isn’t moving much (as usual), but we’re still waiting for the weakness to show itself sooner or later. The sideways movement is stabilizing the Bollinger Bands indicator, but it is not sufficient. Either way, we will witness a protracted, steady movement here, or a rapid movement to the lower zones, followed by a day or two there.

Yet, its high market cap and solid technical foundation, as well as great potential usability, can help to keep its price afloat if the market crashes.


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