Solana Foundation Says It Can Filter Through the Offensive Meme Coin Problem

The speakers at the BUIDL Asia summit suggested the implementation of the filter which can dismiss racist meme coins. In recent months, racist terms have been visible in the meme coins with the aid of an algorithm of simple tokens.

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The panels of BUIDL Asia particularly noted that there is a need for the economy to find ways that are effective in eliminating the problem.

The topic at hand during a panel discussion at the BUIDL Asia conference in Seoul brought panelists up to a standoff. Morally, it becomes an obligation for all digital wallet applications and decentralized exchanges to develop and utilize filters to prohibit offensive and connotative words. Or do the nodes also have an obligation to thwart these tokens and prevent them from spreading?

Federa made an analogy to the internet and said “It’s unreasonable to expect an internet service provider (ISP) to filter out content that some might find offensive. After all, the internet, like crypto, operates on a largely permissionless basis.”

Marc Zeller is the founder of the Aave Chan Initiative, which is an Aave DAO delegate and service provider. He shared his perspective which was quite different from the others. He said:

“In France, for instance, there are legal obligations for ISPs to block certain content,” he said, giving the example of Holocaust denialism.

He said. “I’m not saying it’s a good thing, nor am I trying to be political. It’s interesting to point out that different cultures have different approaches to the same issue,” “Focusing on the blockchain ethos, we tend to support free speech and believe that censorship resistance is more important than eliminating displeasing content.”

“Choice means the right for a wallet developer to institute a block list,” The head of strategy of the Solana Foundation (Austin Federa) said during the panel.

“Almost every wallet in every ecosystem filters out spam NFTs and spam tokens. Users always have the ability to reveal something if they want to, but the core network needs to remain permissionless.”

“No one expects Verizon to have a legal obligation to prevent a phishing email from landing in your inbox or to prevent you from accessing something that is potentially racist material,” he said. “Solana is all on the application level. It’s wallets making decisions about the kind of content they want to show and display.”

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