“An anonymous individual was able to steal approximately $2 million using information from Binance!!”

An anonymous source on Twitter has reported that an insider at Binance has become wealthy in the past few months through unusual information and the sale of fake cryptocurrencies. The individual’s method was to immediately buy a new currency when Binance charged its wallet and then sell it at the peak price after it was listed, or to list their own currencies on the Uniswap exchange. However, this person left a trail that Binance’s team was able to identify and block their wallet. It is interesting to note that this wallet had $2 million in capital.

The CEO of Binance announced regarding this matter:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We had frozen $2 million associated with the mentioned address before your post (and they never requested to reclaim it). We are always vigilant in preventing any security breaches on Binance, and take it very seriously. We carefully review any complaints or reports in this regard and take necessary measures to prevent further violations.

Finally, the source thanked the CEO of Binance and stated: “After the publication of this text, I also heard from a source at one of the companies related to this issue that Binance had previously requested information for an investigation. I am glad to see that you take this matter seriously.”

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