Bitcoin Virtual Machine Will Soon Let Users Create AI Models on Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM), a project on layer 2 developed on Bitcoin, is on its way to building a platform capable of deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, as revealed in a message from the developer punk3700 on Tuesday. With this platform, model deployment for users is enabled using artificial intelligence (AI).

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This feature Truly Open AI will be added to the main function which will enable users to deploy the AI models on the blockchain. These AI models are the tools or algorithms that are developed after the analysis of the data to make certain decisions.

“We’ve developed a way that you can run AI directly onto the blockchain,” lead developer punk3700 described.

“From the tech speak itself we can say that it is quite similar to on-chain image storing,” but with much greater effect – he added. “These are neural networks which are the colloquial terms for AI where users have the independence to build their own AI models and they can earn money when others use their AI models or even sell them,” he explained.

The developer has noted that Filecoin, Near, Avail, Polygon, and Syscoin are the storage layers that would be used by the AI models. AI tokens are crypto assets that are getting more and more attention among traders as the technology promises to drive revolutionary changes across economies all over the world.

Nevertheless, the connection between AI and crypto remains uncertain: Some market experts hold a view that AI can’t work in a blockchain, though various projects claim otherwise.

At the moment of writing our token from Bitcoin Virtual Machine – BVM, has a price of $2 and this is a decrease of 20% compared to the previous 24 hours which goes in line with the market trend of the crypto market.

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Bitcoin Virtual Machine Will Soon Let Users Create AI Models on Bitcoin Network


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