In modern times, the application of AI technology has revolutionized the way we live and consume information. Many people find it difficult to get started with copywriting but with AI capabilities, writing vast amounts of content no longer has to be a daunting affair. AI can bridge the gap between knowledge and creation for the common individual who is pressed for time and unable to commit their undivided attention on getting their message across. is one such software that has been designed to help individuals to create professional-level written content with ease and speed. This tool prides itself as being an affordable yet powerful alternative for users looking for assistance in write-ups such as blog posts, web copy and articles within tight deadlines. The AI-based powered software gives you ‘icing on the cake,’ so to speak, by putting an extra touch into the pieces of ultimate polished pieces without compromising writing standards and quality control.

What may appear impossible and a monumental task in theory becomes achievable by combining seemingly complex areas such as creative writing, text manipulation and design understanding into something extraordinary simple. Simplified makes all this possible by connecting concepts though artificial intelligence through analyzing topics, unique style variations depending on target audiences and ensuring writing accuracy.

When used correctly, Simplified also allows users access to load templates quickly while still allowing them to customize them according to own design preferences along with other language variations necessary due to cultural or geographical differences – great features when operating on a global scale or different targeted regions! In addition, if enables users modify their work based on reviews from everyone in their team – enabling collaborative efforts in optimizations of each piece produced including charts, diagrams or any other kind of visuals which are gaining traction these days for visual appeal purposes!

A great result worth having considering many authors do not have much spare time let alone energy to continuously produce high calibre write-ups! It’s evident that Simplified is fast becoming one of the best solutions out there when it comes down closing productivity gaps faced by managing multiple projects or even appealing digital media strategies now increasingly adopted by businesses in order move up the rankings during a commercial break-neck race where every millisecond matters!

What is

Simplified AI is a powerful tool for any business looking to improve the speed and efficiency of their writing process. It offers its users an easy-to-use interface and a range of features that can help make copywriting tasks faster and more accurate. With simplified AI, you can design stunning visuals, curate content from multiple sources, and craft compelling copy quickly – all in one place. Additionally, it makes sharing marketing materials with colleagues easy through its careful collaboration features.

Working with Simplified AI is simple for anyone with basic knowledge of visual editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Using picture-in-picture technology, even novice users can learn how to customize their own visuals in minutes; templates and pre-defined options are also offered to give people some options when it comes to designing different types of graphics. With the content writer feature, adding text elements is a breeze as well. Within seconds, you’ll be able to add rich content in a variety of scripts as needed. The intuitive nature of Simplified AI also helps prevent typos by auto correcting them so your end product will be topnotch every time.

As if that was not enough already, Simplified AI doesn’t limit its usefulness to simply writing visuals or content; it allows for comprehensive analysis of the text too. Through its analytics toolkit feature, data associated with each project can be tracked in real time allowing businesses to see which campaigns have been effective or look at engagement statistics from social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition, reports that measure audience interaction rates or show which demographics groups click on links most often can be generated from these stats too.

All in all Simplified AI helps anyone take control over their creative projects easily without sacrificing any quality or having to manage too large workloads by themselves due to it’s impressive array of features including intuitive design editor tools and advanced analytics capabilities; the software allows marketers access data related to their campaigns while freeing up precious resources due to its ability automate many aspects of doing business online today (social media support etc.).

Simplified Features

Simplified is the first design software specifically created by marketers, to automate every step of the content development process. This device utilizes machine learning algorithms to generate shared content, complete with copywriting, graphics, visuals and layouts. All you need to do as a marketer is to provide a brief introduction and some key words pertaining to the specific subject and brand, along with any other criteria, creating hundreds of ready-to-post pieces in an instant!

The system executes multiple tools for various YouTube/Facebook Ads/LinkedIn Ads etc., like; creating headlines/text/quotes and even offers descriptive concepts such as AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) framework and Pain Agitate Solution Framework which helps marketer craft blog ideas more efficiently. What’s significant about Simplified is that it automates your workflow with the necessary adjustments ensuring branding consistency while remaining engaging.

It also provides options such as Amazon Product Listing, Company Bios and Sentence Expander which allow you to quickly turn one piece of content into hundreds while scaling your marketing needs. By combining creative ideas with technology Simplified eliminates any hassle you may face when crafting content yourself ensuring quick and effective results; saving you time and money in the long run!

Other Features

1_Graphic Design

Simplified is an AI-powered graphic design software that helps users materialize their creative ideas into tangible designs. With a variety of templates available, users can create posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and other materials without prior graphic design knowledge. The software also offers a simplified editing interface, allowing users to create designs that appear simple yet meaningful.
One of the key features of Simplified is its ability to create designs specifically for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Users can crop photos with the proper ratios and cutting shapes, use intro and outro animations to bring their designs to life, and quickly remove backgrounds. Another unique feature of Simplified is its animation tool, which sets it apart from other AI writing software. AI Content Calendar

3_Write Marketing Ad Copies

The AI Copywriter uses natural language processing to turn analysis and data into captivating, concise and precise copy. This ensures that any content produced is clear and well written, making it perfect for SEO. It is designed with conversion-optimization at the forefront, allowing for ads, emails, landing pages and YouTube descriptions that are tailored to reach a larger audience through different tones and languages. In doing so,’s AI Copywriter helps get your content created in seconds while helping you reach more people with ease.

4_AI Rewriter Software’s free AI Writer tool enables users to rewrite texts in mere seconds. This AI text generator can improve already produced compelling copy for descriptions, marketing materials, social media captions, quotes, or website content. By using the content rewriter, users can enhance the uniqueness and readability of their article while maintaining the same meaning.

5_Long Form Text Generator’s Long Form Writer tool allows users to write long-form writings ten times faster. Users can create articles, blogs, and even books with ease. The tool also offers additional features such as the article rewriter, bullet point expander, and AI paragraph generator to improve the quality of the written work.

6_Easy Collaboration

The platform has a chat feature to enable real-time discussion between team members and also supports video conferencing. Assets such as images, multimedia files, and documents can be easily uploaded for easy reference later. Dashboards reflect an up-to-date overview of the current project resources, tasks, conversations, and deadlines. Users can create personal and professional projects, assign tasks to team members, set deadlines and notifications to stay on track. also offers integration with several leading third-party tools. simplifies team collaboration by providing features such as comment tagging, conversation threads for sharing information quickly, video conferencing for face-to-face meetings virtually, document uploads for safe storage of assets or evidence and project dashboards showing up-to date progress. The addition of integrations with popular third-party tools makes it easier to manage multiple teams efficiently while staying organized.


  1. Merging Photoshop and Canva into one platform gives users the advantages of both softwares.
  2. Utilizing AI writer makes crafting content easier and faster than before.
  3. Their customer service is exemplary, as seen by numerous positive reviews on their Facebook page.
  4. Being part of their group could bring fresh concepts and insights to your projects.


  1. At times, certain features can be hard to spot.
  2. Translations from other languages are not always reliable.
  3. The amount of content present is not satisfactory.
  4. There may be occasional mistakes as well.

Pricing offers four different plans – the Free Forever plan; Small Teams (charged $15 per month with a 20% discount if paid yearly), Business ($30 per month with a 20% discount if paid yearly) and Growth ($120 per month with a 20% discount if paid yearly).

1) The Free plan features 5 GB of workspace storage, unlimited designs, 1000 words limit and thousands of free templates.

2) The Small Teams plan includes background remover, 1000 google fonts, chrome and wordpress plugins, 20,000-word limit, 25GB storage, long-form editor and built-in Grammarly support.

3) The Business plan comes with 100 GB of workspace storage, a word limit of 50,000 , Team Collaboration feature , Shopify and Google Drive connections , brand kits as well as a long-form editor .

4) And finally the Growth plan offers unlimited word limits along with 500 GB storage , priority support , built in Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker , MS Word Support , scientific calculator or equation builder .

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