Will AI Affect Cryptocurrencies?

The potential synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency is showing promising results, with applications such as ChatGPT and Dall E already showcasing what AI can do in this field. By leveraging the model provided by AI and the decentralized nature of cryptos, we may open the door to a new era of productive digital transactions. Its predictive abilities mean it can provide valuable insights into market trends for a highly volatile market like crypto, aiding exchanges with accurate data analysis. Other advantages include improved security -it can detect threats- and research time saving capabilities -as it can collect data faster than manual research-. Nonetheless, developers should keep in mind possible bias if using AI-influenced crypto, as it may lead to market manipulation. At this point in time, only time will tell what the future holds for this association; though before making any investment one should be sure to study all aspects of the market and choose a reliable exchange for their portfolio.

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